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Welcome To Our Premier Salt Manufacturing Industry

DEVJYOTI Industry, We take immense pride in being the leading manufacturer of premium industrial salt, powering the marine chemical market with excellence. with an impressive track record as an exporter to over 60 countries since 2013, we stand as India’s largest volume exporter of industrial salt, globally unmatched in production costs.

Excellence In Manufacturing and Exporting

We have established ourselves as leaders in the industry, delivering premium industrial salt worldwide, backed by our relentless dedication to manufacturing and exporting. our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation for unrivaled excellence.

A Diverse Range of High-Quality Salt Products

Our expertise lies in providing a versatile range of salt products, including raw salt and industrial-grade salt. widely utilized across industries such as Chlor Alkali production, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Drilling, and Textiles, our salt products consistently deliver exceptional quality and performance.

Committed To Health, Safety, And Environmental Standards

DEVJYOTI Industry, We are deeply committed to global health, safety, and environmental standards and ethics. our responsible practices ensure that our operations positively impact the environment and the communities we serve.

Embracing Our Heritage

Experience excellence with DEV ZEST, the brand that has been adding a pinch of love to people’s lives since 2013. DEVJYOTI Industry has become a master in mining and grinding salt to perfection, driven by a passion for their product and customers. They aim to share their knowledge with customers, helping them select the right salt for each occasion based on grind and shape. DEVJYOTI Industry offers packaging tailored for optimal usage, with options for those with dietary restrictions or those looking to add iodine to their diet. The DEVJYOTI Industry Salt collection is a kitchen essential, adding the perfect touch of flavor to any meal. Add a pinch of flavor and experience excellence with DEV ZEST.

Our Team Conducts Business with Unwavering Ethics and Boundless Potential


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