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Our aim is to Inspire Excellence - in Individuals, Cuisine, and Existence.


Transform Communities Across the Globe

DEVJYOTI Industry, We take immense pride in being the leading manufacturer of premium industrial salt, powering the marine chemical market with excellence. with an impressive track record as an exporter to over 60 countries since 2013, we stand as India’s largest volume exporter of industrial salt, globally unmatched in production costs.

Add the Perfect Flavor to Your Dish with the Right Salt!


Discover Our Exquisite Salt Collection with Impeccable Packaging

Elevate your culinary journey with DEV Zest, the perfect touch of salt. From exquisite flavors to fine grains, explore our complete collection of salts for an unforgettable dining experience.

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What sets us apart?

At our core, we prioritize quality, packaging, delivery schedule, and professional commitments above all else. Our USP lies in our unwavering dedication to upholding these standards, even in challenging circumstances.

Wide Distribution Network

Quality Salt Span

Large Production

Very Competative Rates

ISO Certified

Efficient Workforce

Discovering the significance of salt

Salt is an essential mineral that often goes unnoticed, but its absence is always felt. With hundreds of thousands of applications, there is no living organism on Earth that has never used salt in some form. Through ongoing research, development, and innovation, we continue to explore the importance of salt and its many benefits to human health, culture, and history.
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